Back to work

After having some time off I´m backing working and rehearsing for the next theatre project “Traumnovelle”,which will be premiered on the 16th September.In the summer I worked on a short film.This is one of the tracks.



I´m currently working on the next theater production “Traumnovelle”,which will be premiered on the 16th September in the Mörgens.But before that I´ll be taking a break from rehearsals.In this time I´ll be working on my string quartett project and I´ll be getting married!!

More news coming soon…..

Instant Switzerland

On the 2th June we´ll be playing our next instant music concert in the Mörgens.The theme this time is Switzerland.Hope to see you there.

Last Call Part 3

The premieres to “Last Call” part one and two went really well.Part three of “Last Call” is the last part of the series and will be premiered on the 14th May in the Mörgens.

Last Call (Part one and two)

The premiere of the theatre series “Last Call”-part 1  will take place on the 28th April in the Mörgens.Part 2 will take place on the 29th April.

Hope to see you there….

Kleiner Mann,was nun?

The premiere to “Kleiner Mann,was nun?” on Saturday 20th March went very well.My next theatre project is a theatre series called “Last call”.The premiere is on the 28th April.


“Emma Stahl” Teaser online

The “Emma Stahl” teaser to which I composed the music is finally online.Enjoy…


I´m currently working on two film projects,which will be finished at the beginning of next year.One´s a trailer for an internet series and the other is a short film.I´m also preparing the next theatre project,which will be “Kleiner Mann,was nun?” by Hans Fallada.The director is Thomas Oliver Niehaus.

Abgang (Leaving)

On Friday the 20th November I´ll be playing live on stage in the production “Abgang” (Leaving) in Dortmund.The gig starts at 19:00.


Robin Hood

On Friday the 6th November we had a great Robin Hood premiere.The kids loved it.I´m playing live on stage,which is great.And the kids love singing along the Robin Hood song.For dates check out the live page.ec_4b0213dbe85965512a9b65e63f45e9f2