Happy New Year

Here´s a quick update:


On November 18th 2011 was the premiere of  ”The Junglebook” at the Aachen Theatre.I wrote ten new songs (we were not allowed to use the fantastic Disney Tunes,but I think I did quite well;).


On January 21 2012 was the premiere of “Tartuffe” from Molieré also at the Aachen Theatre.We got really great reviews.I´m including one of the tracks in this post.


I´ve just started work on a new theatre play “Cat on a hot tin roof”,which will be premiered on March 10th at the Aachen Theatre.I´m also finishing off a new film,which will go out to the festivals soon.

I also finished two orchestral arrangements for the Kammerakademie Neuss.

By the way,the short film “Lichtjahre”,to which I composed the music has been nominated for the “Max Ophüls award 2012″.

So oder so…

My lovely colleague Elisabeth Ebeling and I had a great premiere with our Hildegard Knef Project “So oder so”.Check out the dates for the next performances here:So oder so



HimmelIt´s been a long time since my last news update,but I´ve been busy.I´ve just finished the music to a great short film called “Lichtjahre” by Florian Knittel,which with be going out to the festivals this summer.I also just finished a new theatre project called “Der Himmel kann warten”,which had it´s premiere on the 10th of June.It went really well.

Here´s one of the tracks I composed for the film “Lichtjahre”.

Lichtjahre cue 10

“Alone” Trailer

Here´s the trailer to short film “Alone” by the director Björn Solvan Theilmann. I´ve just started to compose the music and I´ll be finished in March.Enjoy….


The premieres of “Gegen den Fortschritt” and “Viel Lärm um nichts (Much ado about nothing)” went really well.I´m currently finishing the music to the short film “The girl who wants to fly”.After that I´ve got some new film projects coming up.


Deutsche Kammerakademie

I´m proud to announce that the Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss am Rhein Orchestra will be playing my arrangement/orchestration of the Song “Where is your heart” on Sunday the 9th of January in Neuss.


I´m currently working on two theatre projects,which will be premiered in a couple of weeks.Here´s a short piece I did for one of them.As you can tell I´m a big Steve Reich fan….

Szene 3


The premiere to “Ronja Räubertochter” was great and went very well.My next theatre projects are “Much ado about nothing” by Shakespeare and “Gegen den Fortschritt”.I´m also doing two new short films,that will be finished by the end of the year.


This is the music for the trailer of a short film I´ll be doing soon.Enjoy…..



The premiere of “Traumnovelle” was great.My next project is “Ronja Räubertochter” the childrens play for this year.

Die Traumnovelle