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Meister und Margarita


It´s been a very long time since my last Post.Here´s some news:I´ve just finished a great production of the book “The Master and Margarita” at the Theatre Aachen with the director Bernadette Sonnenbichler.That´s turned out to be a fantastic evening!Go see it if you get the chance.Theatre Aaachen

I´ve also just started the music to the first of three videos for the Austrian firm Kappa Filter Systems.The videos are being directed by Andreas Mares.

Peer Gynt

Hi,I just finished the theatre production “Peer Gynt” at the Aachen Theatre.Here are some of the tracks I composed.

Aase´s death


Der Mann der die Welt aß

Had a great time producing the music for the play “Der Mann der die Welt aß” in the Mörgens/Theatre Aachen.It was directed by Roland Hüve.Theatre Aachen

My next theatre project will be “Peer Gynt” at the Theatre Aachen.The premiere is on the 15th March.

ec_72bad48237c4b70c0283dba462b144d8Photo by Wil van Iersel

Here are some tracks…

At the seaside

Father and son

Premiere Double Feature

I just finished work on two theatre productions at the Theatre Aachen.The first premiere was “Mario und der Zauberer”based on the book by Thomas Mann and directed by Stefan Rogge.I´m playing live on stage (guitars and different percussion instruments).It´s a great theatre evening,so don´t miss it.Theatre Aachen


Photo by Marie-Luise Manthei

My next premiere was “Die kleine Hexe”,this years family piece.It´s based on the book by Otfried Preussler and directed by Dora Schneider.It´s great fun for kids and grown-ups.Theatre Aachen

ec_dd3e88c82b6758768ab52767d1d12e8b Photo by Marie-Luise Manthei

Here´s one of the tracks I composed…..



I just finished the theatre production “Hamlet” at the Aachen theatre with the director Christina Rast.And the childrens adventure film “Das Geheime Zimmer” is hitting the Cinemas soon.For Information visit



Just finished the final shows of “Lichter ziehen vorüber”,a theatre evening dedicated to the Finnish film director Aki Kaurismäki.I composed four songs for the show and was the musical director.Started work on the next theatre project “Hamlet”,with the great director Christina Rast.The premiere is on 22nd September.


I´ve just finished the music for three videos by the austrian video artist Andreas Mares,which was great.You can check out his work on his

I´m currently composing the music for the theatre play “Verbrennungen” (Incendies) by Wajdi Mouawad.The Premiere is on the 9th March at the Theatre Aachen (


Time´s flying by,so here´s a quick update.Finished the music for “Macbeth” and we premiered on the 23rd September.Straight after that I started rehearsals for “Pinocchio” directed by Jonas Knecht.We premiered on 16th November.I´m on stage playing guitar,piano,melodica and other instruments and using Ableton Live for some play-a-longs and effects.

I´ve also started work on a new film Project called “Und am Ende sind alle allein”.

ec_272e63d79098de6f8e3b3b42334bf346 Foto by Carl Brunn

Lichtjahre Trailer

The trailer to the great short film “Lichtjahre” (Lightyears) is finally finished.

The film is nominated for the Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis  and will be on german TV on the 16th May at 23:45 Hours on NDR.For further information check out the homepage:


End of season

Hi,it´s been a long time since my last update (again),so here we go…

On the 10th March I had the premiere to “Cat on a hot tin roof” by Tennessee Williams and on the 21th April the premiere to “Der Goldene Drache” (The golden dragon) by Roland Schimmelpfennig.Both productions went really great.


The theatre season is nearly finished and I´ve got a couple of weeks off from the theatre in which I´m preparing and writing new music for the productions coming up next season.